Sunday, January 8, 2012

Building A Free-Mo Module

Modular model railroading is a way to bring a piece of your layout to a setup so others can enjoy it. I've been researching the many modular standards out there and have decided to build my first module following the Free-Mo standard.

What I like about Free-Mo is the open design for each module and operating sessions that are more realistic in my opinion. The Free-Mo standard for the most part defines the endpoints of a module. What happens between the end points is left to the Modeler. There is no set size or shape to a module. Just how the modules connect to each other. Now that's cool!

I'll be starting a series of posts about building your first Free-Mo module. My philosophy is to start simple. We'll start by building a straight module with a single turnout. The module will contain all the elements required by the Free-Mo standard. Hopefully you can bring the module to a Free-Mo setup and watch trains running across it in now time.

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